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The FiOS verdict

So whatever those tree cutters did last week, they sure couldn't have been very good.

They *did* come in my yard and remove a lot of the huge branches and logs that fell into my yard. I see evidence of some tractor treads (small Bearcat, maybe?) and they moved stuff around. But they left a shitload of small branches and leaf litter. which I spent most of this morning cutting apart and cleaning up. I got most of it, but some of the larger pieces crushed a few bushes I had. Luckily, those were not sentimental bushes in any way, and many of them were lopsided and half dead anyway. I trimmed those back, leaving them less lopsided but I may just junk the lot... :(

Verizon came out at around 3pm. The guy took one look at our unit and said, "Yep. You have no link." So they he took out a cable tracer and went around my yard and our neighbor's yard. The fiber connection ended right where my yard begins, and is completely missing in the neighbor's yard until about a foot and a half away from their green pylon where a shredded piece just poked from the grass. Judging the path, he quickly figured the entire cable had pretty much been yanked out of the yard and tossed.

I picture in my head the huge auger they used to drill out the stump and roots tangling the cable like a big strand of spaghetti. I have no proof of this, but it's fun to think about.

So basically, he had to lay new fiber in my yard, her yard, and her other neighbor's yard. "A cut like that, we just replace it all."

Now, when you call "Miss Utility," they send someone out with a detector and he puts down flags and spray paint lines. The service is free. It's also required. If these people had any gas lines or power lines back there, they would be in a world of hurt right now.

There wasn't any evidence this was done. No paint, no flags... just strips of the lawn missing.

Verizon has to send another guy out to "bury the cable" in 8-10 days. I hope they don't forget.

BUT... we have TV, Internet, and phone. Hooray for that. :)
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