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Attempt to get the iPhone #1 - Fail

So, today, I failed at getting and iPhone. I couldn't even TRY. Not because of the lines or anything, but this was the plan:

6:00 - Get picked up at Metro, go to Fair Oaks Mall, assess crowd, ask if they fixed iTunes yet. if it's insane, turn around and go home.
7:15 - Sushi dinner
9:45 - See Hellboy II, hope I don't get paged.

BUT... the Metro *broke down*! Yes indeed, it broke down as in power failure.

Somewhere around 5:45, the Metro train stopped. And we waited. And waited. We waited somewhere in the tunnel between Ballston and East Falls Church. Finally the conductor came on and said the train ahead of us had to be evacuated due to a power failure in the system. But not to panic, we still had power (as indicated by the lights and working A/C). But he didn't want to move us until we got cleared.

At about 6:10, the conductor said we were allowed to move to East Falls Church, but they were evacuating the cars. There was a power failure at Vienna, and they were shutting down the Orange Line until it was resolved.

When we got to East Falls Church, the platform was so clogged, it was hard to get off the train. People we talking on cell phones and trying to assess the problem. They had announcements, but you couldn't hear a damn thing over the roar of the crowd and the white noise hiss of I-66 which is on both sides of that station. Finally, some people in orange vests said to leave the station. It took me about 10 minutes to get from the platform to the outer gates. That's when they said it would take 3-4 hours to restore service. They also said that they had restored the trains to West Falls Church, and would have shuttlebusses there.

I went to look at getting a cab, but 2000 other people were ahead of me. East Falls Church is a small station, and it was swamped like an outdoor rock concert.

I thought, "I grew up near here!" I know this place fairly well, there's a shopping center that-a-way!" There WAS a shopping center in 1986, but now it was a series of luxury townhomes. At least the Exxon was still there, and I got some water and Gatorade because it was 89 degrees outside and I was wheezing badly because of my asthma. I walked up and down around the area, but I couldn't find a shopping center or any business district until I followed Lee Highway where it crosses I66. I finally found the Econolodge near I-66, but takayla couldn't pick me up because of the traffic, so... I tried to get a cab, knowing full well that it may take a while.

And it did, but not really because of the mass exodus from East Falls Church. The cabbie, a really nice guy from India, told me "We never pick up when people call from Metro Stations. Times like this, you got thousands of people leaving, how are you going to find a 'Steve' out of all that? No sir, the dispatcher will refuse, and say just wait of the next cab to show up. Today, however, traffic on 66 is terrible and we have a light day for cabbies anyway. They are all still sleeping, waiting for the business when bars let out tonight. You did good to walk a few miles away and call from where you did." Wise words.

The cab ride cost me $65 from the Falls Church/Arlington Border to Fairfax, and it took a while because he didn't want to take 66, but the Dulles Toll Road. I got home at 8, and everyone had already left for sushi and the movie.

Home alone, exhausted, wheezing, and depressed, I called stodgycat and found out that coincidentally, they were looking for a sitter to see our friend Paul perform tonight. I didn't even know Paul was in town. But he's with his new group, and so stodgycat and cheesy_reads went and saw him while I stayed with Scarlet, Kieran, and little stodgyspike. I stayed up later with Scarlet, who turns ten in a few weeks, and shares the same birthday as my father. So she's a Leo. I had one of the best talks with her I had with anyone in a while, and I still say people should hang around children and learn a few things. Sure cured my depression.

Bonus: I tried to get Kieran to say in a low voice, I drink your milkshake!

But no iPhone. Maybe I'll go tomorrow.
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