punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Attempt to get the iPhone #2 - Fail

Me: This is madness!
Crowd: Madness? THIS! IS! IPHONE!!!!!

So I decided that the crowds must have thinned o-- you know what? No. They did not. The Apple store in Fair Oaks Mall was a madhouse. And as stated before, I turned around and went home.

Dear. Lord. What a crowd. As I exited the Lord and Taylor, I didn't have to figure out where the Apple store was, I just followed the noise. And it wasn't riot-like noise, nor was anyone angry or excited about anything. The store itself was relatively uncrowded, but that's because they had about 3-5 armed guards regulating the traffic flow. I originally went right up to the store, but when they stopped some lady and said no one was allowed into the store until they had been in line, I wondered how bad the line was.

But the line! I'd say there was easily 500-700 people in line. It wrapped around the main plaza, down a stub hall to J.C. Penny's, back up, through a Starbucks open air cafe, around a fountain, elevator, and giant stone pots, until it ended right at "Build-a-Bear." I asked a guy who I thought would have been 50th in line how long he had been there.

"Since 10 this morning."

It was almost 6pm.

Oh, fuck this. I can wait.
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