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The results of theis weekend: Me, 0. WALL-E ,1

The coffee machine is broke at work again. This sucks, since I have a 8-day sinus headache, I only slept 4 hours last night, and coffee is what keeps me going. I finally broke down and got a cup of coffee at the Korean deli downstairs, which was just awful. Weak, bitter, and it just hurts my stomach. There are two Starbucks close to here, and a Caribou Coffee, but I don't want to have to walk 2 blocks in the morning to walk back to work with coffee that is no longer hot. I may need to get one of those bullet-shaped hyper-Thermoses and make coffee at home if this keeps up.

Man, never used to drink coffee. What happened? Damn you, Sweden!!

In other news, apart from failing to get an iPhone (I think I'll wait until next week until the lines get shorter), I did some more yard work this weekend. After I had cleaned up a lot of the tree waste those cutters left behind, I decided to keep up with the pruning and cleanup. It was hot. I hate working in hot, sweaty, weather because I always gain weight for some reason. I think it's all the water I drink. But anyway, I pruned the hell out of the front yard near my door and one of the rec room windows. It's funny, when you cut down what looks like half an acre of brush, if you make you cuttings short (only a foot or less), you don't generate a whole of of trash bags like you do with, say, leaf litter. When I was done with all the tree debris and the cuttings of various dead branches, and a dozen bushes, I only filled four 45 gallon trash bags. I could have packed them in tighter, but I found out the "heavy duty yard waste" bags I got at Home Depot were weak and easily punctured. I also cleaned up a lot of assorted debris around my house, including some roof repair trash that the original workers left behind.

Then I went and saw WALL-E, which was as good as everyone had led me to believe. Man, I shed a few tears during some scenes. Very well done. A masterpiece. The short in the beginning with the magician's rabbit was also very good, and I think was almost an homage to Chuck Jones.

CR becomes a legal adult in less than a week. Isn't that something?
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