punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I am not sure why this is funny...

I am having a very stressful day, and maybe I just needed a break, but I got this scam e-mail saying they are from Wells Fargo Bank, "We have noticed that your Wells Fargo online account needs to be updated once again, please enter your online account information..." and so on. I am sure you all get these. I don't even have an account at Wells Fargo, but this is not a targeted scam. "Recently, we have found that many accounts were hacked." Hacked, eh? How professional.

The first thing that got me was the "Stop online payment" link, which, the rest of the letter does not say it's about an unauthorized payment but an account verification, so duh #1. The second "duh" is the link went to an address at "freaks-tattoo.com," and not some IP in hex like I usually get.

Man. Amateurs. :-P

or those people at Wells Fargo are sure progressive...:0
Tags: scam, spam
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