punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

CR's last few days as a teenager

I guess you could call 18 and 19 "teens," if those "barely legal" sites are to be believed, but in my mind, being a teenager is 13 - 17, and then you are legally an adult. apeyanne tells me that the brain stops growing at 25 or so, which explains the behavior of me an my friends in Prune Bran. Haw.

But this post isn't about how I am throwing away his sailor suit and huge striped lollipop, but some good news in the fact he got a job again! He used to work at Five Below for a week, but they he got real sick last year. They said he could come back whenever, but then the entire chain started to go down the tubes. So now my son will work for a giant multi-national corporation as a barista!

And you can probably guess where. Rhymes with war bucks.

So if you are in Greenbriar some weekday evenings, come stop by and see CR in his first adult job.

I am very proud of him.
Tags: childhood, cr
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