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Price quotes

I hate it when a vendor won't tell me a price on a web page, and says, "Call for a price quote." To me, that means, "We are ashamed how much we charge and know how expensive we are, so we hope to convince you otherwise with a lot of pushy salespeople." Can you at least give me a ballpark figure? No? You lose.

Now, I know that getting a price quote on a complex thing like, say, a server farm for a web front end and a database back end would not be easy to quote until you spoke with someone on what exactly your needs were. But if you're selling a network scanner appliance, or a firewall, or some other single purpose, single unit device, I don't want to speak to a salesperson. I am gathering price quotes and getting some ballpark figures on a commercial appliance versus something we build here. You have two models, you much have two prices. No, don't sell me on this "value" bullshit, I *trained* people to do that *only* when the unit could not sell itself and we were ashamed of the price.

I have been shocked at prices sometimes. HOW much for that device? $175,000 for mail server software??? Dude! Come on, I could buy several packages of Exchange Professional or infinite Open Source stuff and put it on the highest end commercial server HP sells for that price. "Appliances" are even worse. Most are just jacked up computers in a fancy box, like less than $2000 for parts. And those don't even include license and service fees.

I find the more expensive the item is, the harder it is to get an actual price right away.
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