punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Today's accomplishments

I got up kind of early. I did some scrubbing of the kitchen, two loads of dishes, processed several loads of laundry, cleaned the cat boxes, did several bags of trash, moved more stuff to my den, totally cleaned a filthy bathroom, updated all my work CDs, separated recycling, and all before 2pm.

aksident came over at that point, and she hung out with CR and me. Then we walked CR to work, hung out at Starbucks, and then I did some shopping and then cheesy_reads came by and picked aksident up.

Ya'll should hang out with young people more. They are pretty smart if you listen to them.

Then I did few more loads of laundry, vacuumed the bedroom, and pruned my wardrobe of all clothes that didn't fit me.

Not to be tooting my own horn, but I have lost almost 35 pounds since January. And for some reason, the last week has been the week my weight has dropped enough to effect what I wear. For a while, it's just been weight with little effect on size, which I was cool with. But recently, I am deflating. I mean, I went from a 44" waist to a 42" about a month ago, but now I simply cannot wear a 44" even with a belt. I haven't been a 42 in so long, I forgot I had some 42" clothes from like 8 years ago. Some of it fairly "new." I boxed up all my belts and 44" pants and put them in the attic. Even better, I had a lot of 42" shorts. If things continue the way they have been (and I am trying real hard, crossing my fingers and all), this is the last summer I'll be a 42.

I haven't spoken much about my weight loss in my blog. Part of me thinks it will jinx it somehow. Or someone will get inspired, and then I'll fail, and then they will fail because I did. And get mad at me. I am not sure. But I'd like to lose 52 pounds by January of 2009. Eventually, I'd like to get down to 220, which I think looks good on me. I was once 180, which is "ideal" for my size, but when I was 180, I looked like a lollipop with hair.
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