punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Attempt to get the iPhone #4 - Fail

I swear, one day, I will get one of these things.

Last night, I had an opportunity, and a voice in my head said, "Call ahead." I spoke to a wonderful guy named Aaron at the Fair Oaks store. who told be the following:

- The run out of iPhones between 11am and 1pm on weekdays, depending on the number they get.
- When they open at 8am, there's already a line of about 10-15 people.
- Average time to get an iPhone, if you have an existing AT&T contract 9which I do), is 30-50 minutes. There's the sale, credit check, activation politics, and then you have to stand in line to register your iPhone in-store.
- There's no point in trying to get an iPhone over the weekend.
- Wait a few weeks. It's still crazy.

My poor RAZR is trying very hard to stay alive. It stopped turning off randomly, but now it will only hold a charge about a day and a half, and that's with no calls. It's been a good phone, and I shall miss it.
Tags: iphone
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