punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Sharing this morning's conversations

SomeUKPerson: Did you just hint you were listening to "The Ting Tings?"
Punkwalrus: Yes.
SomeUKPerson: You have to be joking. They are terrible.
Punkwalrus: I happen to like energetic pop music.
SomeUKPerson: Whatever! That is what makes you so American, right there.
SomeUKPerson: I don't know why you yanks listen to the shit MTV vomits here.
SomeUKPerson: Not very punk.
Punkwalrus: One of the best parts about being punk is I don't have to give a shit about what other people like. Even a Liverpool Limey like you. :)
SomeUKPerson: But the Ting Tings?
Punkwalrus: They have some punk elements. I like music where angry women scream. You know I like Bjork, Janis Joplin, and Joan Jett. You didn't complain about me liking them.
SomeUKPerson: But they have no soul. Next thing you'll be saying is you like Winehouse.
Punkwalrus: Or Gwen Stafani.
SomeUKPerson: ...
SomeUKPerson: ... ?
Punkwalrus: I also like French pop music. Eat it, FEB*. :)
SomeUKPerson: There is no god.
Punkwalrus: Yes.
Punkwalrus: I have removed the God of another Pom. I am better than King Henry VIII!
Punkwalrus: Reverse missionary position FTW!
SomeUKPerson: lol :)

* Fucking English Bastard
Tags: punk, ting tings
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