punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

More discoveries in my own back yard

For Gahd's sake...

Okay, I have ranted about the previous owners of the house. To summarize a few key points:

- Deeply religious
- Were Amway "Diamond Sellers"
- Couldn't have kids, so adopted 3 boys
- Took in "stray souls," usually let teens hang out in the yard a lot
- Did a lot of house projects, including a 10 foot extension/addition and a new deck, without getting building permits (as required by law)
- Did a lot of housing "improvements" with substandard materials, tried to cover up problems rather than actually fix them

And now I can add "buried construction trash in back yard."

When the neighbor next door cut down her huge sycamore, it exposed 30% of my back yard to sunlight that hadn't touched it since maybe the 1970s. So I decided to clean up the mess that was mostly invisible under the darkness, maybe plant some nice bushes or something. It's been a slow process, mostly because I am out of shape and the only one doing this, but I finally got halfway down what I assumed was our old wood pile. After I pulled away a lot of rotting logs, I found some very odd logs: they seemed to be chunks of pre-cut timber similar to what our old deck was made from. After I started pulling them up, I noticed the ground was spongy. A flew sloppy shoves of a shovel later, I hit vinyl siding. And part of what i think is an old shed door. Oh, fucking awesome. :(

My guess is that they dug a trench, dumped all their trash in it, covered it with a thin layer of dirt, weighted it down with some of the timber, and then put the wood pile on top of it. On one hand, when I remove this trash, my trench for new bushes will be already there. But now I have to see just how MUCH crap is buried back there.

Jesus, guys. You had a huge van, I remember. How fucking hard would it have been to take your goddamn trash to the dump, a mere 2 miles down the road?
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