punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Man... I gotta study hard

This is gonna be one big year for my edjumacation. Here's what's on my docket to learn and pass by May of next year:

LPI 101: Exam Aug 29th
LPI 102: Hopefully an exam by mid-Sept (if I pass both, I am LPI Level 1 certified)
Network+: Exam around mid-Oct
Linux+: Exam around mid-Nov
MCITP: Server Administrator by Christmas (3 exams)
LPI 201 & 202: by February (to get LPI Level 2 certs)
RHCE: Re-cert for Red Hat (mine will expire) Dine by April
LPI 301: Done by May/June (to get LPI Level 3 certs)

I'll be certified to install Windows or Linux on a dead badger by then.
Tags: linux, lpi, mcitp
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