punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Clone Wars: Not what you'd expect in a Star Wars film

From here:
"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" follows the story of Bud Johnson (Kevin Costner), an apathetic, beer-slinging, lovable loser, who is coasting through a life that has passed him by. The one bright spot is his precocious, over-achieving twelve-year-old daughter Molly. She takes care of both of them, until one mischievous moment on Election Day, when she accidentally sets off a chain of events which culminates in the election coming down to one vote... her dad's. "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" is a comical look at the journey of one father and daughter who discover that everyone has the power to change the world.

Um... you know, this is just a stab in the dark, but I think someone connected to the wrong string in a CSS that uses a database back end. Either that, or Togruta Jedi Padawans are more politically motivated than I would have guessed, and the movie "Swing Vote" is just a shameless copy of their plot with big names.
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