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Attempt to get the iPhone #5 & #6 - Fail

I still don't have an iPhone.

Last Saturday, I was hanging out with Anya and she made it her solemn duty to try and find a store with an iPhone. We went to Fair Oaks and Tysons Corner, and they were out of the 8gb (although they had the 16gb, but I didn't budget an extra $100 for what I'd call "my impatience"). She even called Pentagon City and Ballson. God, I am glad she's my sister. But I predict I will get a phone sooner rtaher than later at this point. I recently heard starting in early September, Best Buy would start carrying the iPhone. I told takayla, "So now they can run out there, too."

I found out At&T/Apple has no insurance plan for iPhone. I have that with my RAZR, and it's come in handy in the last few years. The phone has been replaced twice due to defects, which makes me a little nervous with the iPhone. There's reports of some people getting teeny cracks around the edges of the plastic, and the 3G network timing out randomly. I am not much of a "cosmetic" guy like a lot of purist Apple fanatics. So there's a stain, a tiny crack, a feature I don't use has a small bug. Those I can deal with. My RAZR has had its fair share of stupidity in design flaws. But if I see some large number of reports of major flaws like "bricking" for no reason, then I would tell Apple to shove off. So far, no big reports of such silliness.

My RAZR is holding in there, and will hold a charge for about 2 days, unless I use it for a call, and then it drops off rather sharply. I am texting a lot more than I used to, and despite the horror of doing so with a small keypad, I am getting much better at it.

On Tuesday, I went and tried again, and they ran out while I was in line which bummed me out, but REALLY made one of the people ahead of me angry. "You mean I waited here for 40 minutes JUST for you to run out??? Couldn't you have told me how many you had left or something?"

Despite a lot of the iPhone hype, both positive and negative, I still have only seen a few more "in the wild." Not surprisingly, most of them with people in or near an Apple store. Most are looking for accessories. My biggest worry is physical protection, both in preventing me from breaking it (and its all glass front) and preventing it from being stolen. I have to tread a fine line between safety and usability, too. For instance, there are some hard shell aluminum cases out there, but when my phone rings, how long will it take me to fetch it out of my pocket, open the case up, and answer the phone by the fourth ring? I like my hip holster I have now for the RAZR, but I think the iPhone will be too big for that. They make hip holsters for the iPhone, but given how many times I bump into things, I worry about the all glass front. If there was a hard-shell holster case, that might work, but so far, I have seen only holsters without much "bang into corner" protection. A lot of scratch proofing but not much for impact. To be fair, I have only dropped my RAZR a few times in my life, and it's been fine: I am usually pretty careful. But it only has to happen once... and I am out a phone and $$$$ for a new one.

I am also a bit bummed it doesn't work with Linux currently. This may change someday, now that the iPhone is getting mega-popular, but my iPod Nano 3Gen doesn't play nice with Linux. I have tried various utilities for that, and while I can read, play, and delete songs from the iPod, I can't add them. So, to be honest, the ONLY thing I am using Windows for now at home is my iPod. And I guess iPhone.

Some other concerns was the touch screen keypad and my large fingers, but there are tools for that, plus some alternate software options.

Some people have asked, and a few with a hint of in disdain, why not get another phone? Apple users are elitist losers. Truth is, it's not about the hype at all. The hype, if anything, is annoying, if anything, because it's prevented me from getting one in a timely manner. It's the flexibility, ease of software, decent Apple support, and the plethora of software and accessories out there. This phone will be my camera (better than the RAZR one), my music player (replacing my iPod), my phone, and my Internet browser. Plus it will have maps, useful tech tools, and provide my entertainment. I have handled one, I have spent time with friends who have them, I know its limitations, and think the benefits outweigh the problems.
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