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My latest brain droppings
  • 07:54 Oh, WMATA, is there end to your new ways to break down or catch fire? #
  • 07:58 Sigue Sigue Sputnik: AFFORDABLE FIREPOWER!! #
  • 11:38 One of the techs is very frustrated that a customer isn't listening. "No, what does it say above that. ABOVE that! No, that's below it!" #
  • 12:33 @grayhawk ... don't EVEN try to out-Freud reference @apeyanne. You know her educational background? She'll leave you in the dust, Jung man. #
  • 12:35 wishes he had an iPhone. #
  • 13:20 WTF is with the expressions of models? Very few looking natural. It's always this dumb submissive stare like, "Duuuh... you're hot, Mister." #
  • 13:24 Note to homeless dude in front of building, it's "Hakuna Matata" not "My doola oblongatta!" Stop singing, please. KTHXBAI. #
  • 14:32 @apeyanne he was definitely saying "My doola oblongatta!" because to him, that was his "manhood" that he was grabbing while singing. #
  • 14:34 is gonna party in Annandale Friday night. Woo! #
  • 15:04 wonders who turned off the lights? #
  • 17:04 Another dumb twit made me miss a train because they blocked me w/a pull-toy briefcase! #
  • 17:07 What kind of person sees an ad for a C-27 aircraft on the Metro and says, 'Ill buy one!'? #
  • 18:56 @lexsaur and her "Beer and Candy" diet now endorsed by Guinness and Toblerone, who remind you a sugar crash cancels out a hangover. #
  • 20:05 Our benchmark for Americanness is apple pie. But ask yourself: How often do you eat apple pie? How often do you eat Pizza or Chinese food? #
  • 20:53 sense darkness, storms coming. #
  • 21:05 always wonders if he never watched the news, how stressed he'd still be? Or clueless. [snort] "Why's gas to high? Oh, I don't own a TV..." #
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