punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Another One Rides The Bus - Weird Al 1981

I actually remember this broadcast. It might be the first time I actually saw what Weird Al looked like. He didn't look like I thought he would.

This song was one my favorites back then because I rode the bus a lot, I liked Queen, and Dr. Demento was one of my idols as a kid.

NB: David Letterman replaced Tom Snyder in 1982 for that ultra-lite-night slot, and this caused a big stink. Personally, I liked David better than Tom because sometimes Tom was an outright jerk. Tom was livid, IIRC, and said some pretty career-damaging things over the incident. Later, on SNL, Joe Piscopo did a great impression of him (back when Joe was funny and not some overpumped muscleman like Carrot Top ended up being).
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