punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Weekend in review

I think some of my entries have been sparse recently, and I haven't had much excitement going on I can talk about.

Friday night I hung out with Anya and Brian. We had a great dinner made by Anya before we dealt with some weird plumbing problem. Ahhh... the joys of being a homeowner, right? But that seemed to fix itself (the uneasiest kind of fix), we went to 7-11 to pick up snacks, and then Anya and I finished the night off by watching "Surf's Up."

That was a great movie. I kinda wanted to see it when it came up, but like so many other movies, it was too far down the "To do" list that I never saw the light of day again. The film was great, far better than I expected. I sort of expected it to be a spoof on the surfer/skaterpunk documentaries, and it had that, but that wasn't the entire movie. It had a plot, and the film subtly went from "we're making a documentary" to a heartwarming redemption piece without being too Disney-esque sappy. The first thing that got me was the DETAIL of the documentary feel. I really felt like these people knew the essence of the 1970s retro documentary. There were also a lot of small details about surfers I recall from 70s culture that was really a nice touch. The next thing was how GOOD the animation was. It was like that pinnacle of going from "look what we can do and make it look real" to "we're no longer constrained by the medium. Like how I felt about "Jurassic Park," you forget it's animated. The last thing that I really liked was a lot of background humor you may miss the first time around. Those that have seen the film, I am talking about stuff like the squid lifeguard rescue can that Lani holds, and poor Arnold the hapless penguin chick.

The small penguin children/chicks? Cute. As. Hell.

I got home at 2:30 in the morning, burping a taste of coffee and hot dogs, which has turned me off to 7-11 coffee forever. Yes, my vanilla coffee tasted like coffee and hot dogs, and those machines weren't even near one another. Gee-ross.

Saturday I spent with the Heares. aksident was at a funeral much of the day. One of her people from a circle of friends had died very suddenly of heart failure, which shook her up a bit, so we spent a lot of time afterwards talking it out. I spent the evening sitting the kids, and I found that the three younger kids LOVE the show, "Top Gear." And they love car crashes. This reminds me of a coworker at Cargo Furniture, Lascetta, who drove in these competitions. I might see if there's some debries going on locally this fall, and take the kids to one. stodgycat and cheesy_reads took advantage of having me as a sitter, and went to Yoga and had dinner out (something that parents with 4 kids rarely get, I was happy to provide that for them). The evening ended until 1 in the morning again with a game of Illuminati.

Sunday was a lot of housework. I did several loads of laundry, I cleaned out the kitchen, paid some bills, cleaned the cat boxes, did some trash, and clipped the cat's claws. I spent some time with takayla and had dinner at the Silver Diner.

CR was working the night shift, so I went to his shop and walked home with him. Not that he needed it, but he wanted me to walk him TO work to just hang out, but I couldn't. So I walked him from work, hung out with Eugene for a bit, and we discussed various topics on the way back. He got his first paycheck, and now he has to open up a bank account.

takayla and I finished the evening watching the Roast of Bob Saget on Comedy Central. As always, a good show.
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