punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Attempt to get the iPhone #8 - F... no, wait!

Today, I was all out of sorts at work. On top of that, two friends of mine were having relationship crises. I shouldn't IM at work, but friends are better long term strategies than work, I feel, and a better investment. I have no regrets.

So, CR's cell phone died months ago, which wasn't so dramatic because it was over 2 years old. But getting a replacement has been one of those constant near misses. So we went to the AT&T store, and he got a Samsung phone with a name that sounds like an airplane part. He was due for a free upgrade as was I, so I asked about the iPhone. "Oh, we can order it right here, and you can pick it up." Awesome. I was sick of near misses at Apple Stores, so I ordered one. They said "they tell us it will take up to two weeks, but most people get it in a week, and recently, as little as two days. We call you, you pick it up, okay?"


Here's to hoping it comes sooner rather than later!
Tags: iphone
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