punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

My first day with the iPhone


I mean, I had a RAZR that was dying, so it's better than the RAZR and cheaper than a Blackberry-esque thing with the features I needed ($299).

Some pros:
- Tiger Woods. No wait, wrong pro.
- The keyboard isn't as hard as it was in the Apple store. Sure, I keep hitting m for n, d of s, and so on, but I am getting used to it. This was one of my top worries, but it's not so bad. The typing still tons faster than RAZR.
- The "Slide to activate" only works by touch of human skin, which means no accidentally going on and pushing buttons in the pocket.
- Music player runs in "off" mode, and the volume is adjusted by the rocker on the side. I hated that dang click wheel on my Nano, and to "freeze" it, I had to try and slide that itty bitty switch on the bottom. There was no quick way to mute, either. "Mute" for the iPhone is the little mic switch on the headphones, which isn't instant (like 1-2 second delay), but I like the way this is all set up.
- Texting has little balloons! This is great, because you can follow it like a Mac IM session.
- The "Charging battery" looks like radioactive goo. Awesome.
- The "Silent" switch made me gasp in delight. A sturdy rocker turns off all sounds for the movies and such.
- There is a hell of a lot of "intelligent design" elements too numerous to mention.

Some Cons... ... KHHAAAAANNN!!!:
- 3G network is flaky. I know this is a known issue, but this can get really irritating quick. I don't care if it switches to EDGE, but it stays in "barely 3G" mode a lot (at .5 bars), and this means everything times out sporadically more often than not. No rhyme or reason to 3G going out. Sometimes it goes on and off while stationary on a desk. Sometimes moving the iPhone slightly will make the bars go from half of one bar to 4 full ones. Then maybe it will go back down right afterwards. I wonder how much of this is a connection/traffic issue in layers? I have turned off 3G for now in hopes this will help. I don't do a whole lot of large downloads at this time.
- The WiFi forgets settings. This sucks because my home network is rather complicated (no SSID broadcast, long WEP key, MAC filtering, etc). It also isn't very strong. Like "Signal excellent" on a laptop may be 1-2 rainbows on the WiFi.
- No copy/paste. Maybe this will be enabled in a future firmware. People talk about it.
- No MMS. I used it a lot to send photos to Flickr, but I think there are some Applications that will work around this just fine.
- E-mail will not allow sending attachments, although it receives them fine.
- Battery life is pretty bad, but "luckily" I was getting use to that with my RAZR dying anyway. As long as I charge this daily, I should be okay (I find I don't like watching movies on teeny screens).
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