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The State of the Mew-nion: Kitty Politics for Fall of 2008

Once in a while I post this. Like the new title? Heh. From oldest to youngest:

Storm is lovable and crabby at age 10. She doesn't get along with Cosmo at all, and I think the other cats don't care for her much, but since Artoo's passing in 2005, she's taken back parts of the bed at night. She likes sleeping next to me, greets me in the morning, and has this habit of meowing and running to the food bowl to voraciously eat, like she wants company while dining. Storm also tries to sneak in my den a lot.

Thisby is 8, and finally mellowing out a little. She is more friendly when food is scarce, but she comes on the bed anyway after I shower, and wants attention. She has also gotten bold enough to climb on Christine's lap from time to time. We occassionally have to pull knots out of her, but that's the long hair for you. Most of the time, though, she's hiding under the bed. She no longer has seizures when she gets excited playing with a feather or laser light dot. She seems better with her coordination when jumping from thing to thing. She's far more sociable than ever, but that's still not very good.

Cosmo is I guess 5 by now, and sleeps with CR. He tries to play the dominant Tom, but since he's away in CR's room a lot, he can't quite pull it off. He does not like Storm very much, and sometimes he fights with Taboo, but with taboo it's more of a "I am in charge" and not too fierce. He still eats dog food, and likes to swat at plants. He's CRs cat, almost a soul-mate to him. I'd hasten to say he's a familiar at this point, but CR and Cosmo fight a lot at night. Cosmo is always knocking stuff around in his room and being obnoxious.

Latte is still crazy. Maybe she's 4, we're not sure. She's still playful, and runs around with Taboo all the time. After managing to get out of and lose 3 collars, I got her a nice one that's still breakaway, but she hasn't broken from it yet. She likes to come up to the bed, get petted, and then leave the bed to meow, and then repeats this cycle. She will, eventually, come to bed and sleep there, but Widget hates her guts, and often attacks her of she gets too close at night. I think Latte has gotten to the point where she finally understands some cats/dogs don't like her and actually tries to stop sleeping on top of them.

Taboo is 3, still sleeps on my legs, and when he sleeps, he sleeps like the dead. Like you can pick him up and roll him around; he won't wake up. He's still playful with the laser dot, likes feathers, and likes to be petted a lot. He'd gained mass, but he's not muscular-dense like Cosmo. Just kind of flabby without being fat, you know?

I still miss Artoo. It's been over 3 years, and I still miss him. :(
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