punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Scary day

I have had a scary day. I have done something that has taunted an ancient curse in my life because I have to get past it. I won't even mention it, lest someone else get touched by the curse (yes, I am THAT superstitious about it), but it went well. Nobody got hurt, and despite excessive nervousness about it, I recently got a key (of sorts) to help me through these times of learning.

Then I decided to taunt fate and be on a ladder in the afternoon to cut down some low hanging tree branches. Sadly, I didn't plan meals well, and got weak and dizzy. I felt being weak and dizzy on a ladder is a less than wise arrangement, but now I am going to go back outside because I have a pile of dead branches to bundle and cut up.

If anyone wants to stop by and see if there's my corpse upon the lawn, eyes open, mouth again in horror, smelling vaguely of sea salt and decay... cover me with some dead leaves or something, because I HATE having trash on my lawn... :-P
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