punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

This weekend had a lot of brush clearing

In addition to the trees I trimmed, I started work on the west side of my house which was taken over by several bushes, some as tall as my house. I don't know how to identify plants, really, so I will say I cut down a forsythia-like bush, some kind of orange berried acacia with horrible thorns, several tall bushes with fat flowers, something that seems like a dwarf magnolia, and various saplings.

I am exhausted. When I cut down some of the taller branches of these things, I saw they had done some considerable damage to my siding which will probably have to be replaced. That thorny acacia (if that's what it really is) did some scraping damage, but the worst was the seemingly innocent and benign fat-flowered bush that tore my window screens to shreds, and even ripped out some of the flashing at the edge of my second-story roof.

Most of the stuff came down with a combination of an electric hedge trimmer, a manual hedge trimmer, a large limb pruner (which has now gone so dull, I may have to replace it), and a hacksaw. The thorny bush gashed my arm a few times, I got stung by unknown insects on my legs, and my arms and back are sore as hell.

I wish I knew someone with a small chainsaw. I also wish I didn't have to do this alone, but there you are. I'd ask friends, but I want to keep my friends.
Tags: housework, yardwork

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