punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

More on training

It looks like I will be doing more of the LPI track than the Linux+ track. My boss wants me to focus progress on the MCITP and Network+ side of things by the end of the year, so it was discussed (not decided) to drop the Linux+ until possibly next year since "it's really only a basic Linux cert anyway in comparison to the LPI track."

I am really nervous about the exam. I am nervous because in the practice tests, I get wrong answers because I misread the question. This sucks donkey waffles. It's like I know the material, I just test poorly. That CCNA whipped my ass 8 years ago. I remember reading the questions, and they didn't make any sense compared to what I just studied. It was like a nightmare. The fact I got 60-65% was not "better than nothing" because I didn't get the cert.

The RHCE wasn't so bad because at least you can figure out what you did wrong as you are setting stuff up. Not so much with multiple choice/fill in the blanks.

This was the total opposite of what I experience back in school: I never did the homework, but I aced tests. Arg... :(
Tags: linux, lpi, mcitp, training, work
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