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Cats and Dogs, Living Together, Mass Hysteria!

... one of my favorite lines from Ghostbusters. Cosmo is proving to be a very naughty kitty. First, he tears up toilet paper rolls. I mean, like finds whole ones and shreds them. Second, he gets onto counters, and knocks food and food wrappers onto the floor, where the dogs run off with them. Since CR is in charge of Cosmo, I say it's his responsibility to clean up Cosmo's mess. Getting a preteen to clean up a mess... sigh. No wonder I am so behind on housework.

I finally got Christmas decorations put away. When my fever stopped yesterday (and before my nose ran like it's doing now), I took the multitude of boxes stacked in the living room, sorted the contents, and put everything away back in the attic (if it was heat-tolerant) or the guestroom closet. It took me several hours. I also managed to cut myself on a piece of broken glass ornament, and now I think the cut got infected. A sliver, I think, has gotten deep between the corner of the nail and the quick, and now it's all swollen and painful.

I am still sick, but my son seems better at least. Actually, I am better, but when my fever was gone, my sinuses swelled, and now my nose is running and running. Yuck. But I can at least go back to work tomorrow.

Random link. Crab gets sucked in by pipe at deep sea pressure depths. Not a pretty thing to watch. Film at 11.

My web site will go under a total redesign in the next few months, so start watching for it. One of the major revisions is a total color change from the older "Green on Black" to a new "Black on Light Blue" which I find is easier to read in the daylight (along with everyone who complained green on black was hard on the eyes). I am still working out major sections and whatnot, trying to figure out themes for my site that are professional and yet unique.

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