punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

"All jokes aside, yeah you do got a tiny cock!"

Anyway, why the funny title? Well, I got spam in my inbox today that said that, and I thought it was coincidental that I just wrung my hands in glee over the Fall of the Enzite Bandit in a previous entry.

So, I have mixed news. The big major news of the days is I PASSED! Yay! Thanks to all those well wishers, I couldn't have done it without you. So today is officially a GOOD day! Also, I get to see the DC Rollergirls next Sunday in Dulles with Scarlet AND takayla, so that will be cool... anyone else coming? Sept 6th at Dulles Expo Center. I got my iPhone case, which I had been waiting for, and now I can have my iPhone clipped to my belt. So far, I like it.

The next is kind of a bummer, BUT, I am NOT taking it personally. I will NOT be doing Opening Ceremonies for Katsucon. No, I was not fired, but they have a different con chair and programming director, and they thought the OC needed something more spruced up, which has been my goal for a long time. Sadly, they don't want me as Emcee. This may be an end of an era for me, since I have been doing stagework at cons since the early 1990s, and now I have no gig! I used to do Prune Bran, Strange Tea, Rocky Horror, art show auctioneer, cosplay halftime show, emcee for OC for both FanTek and Katsucon,as well as lots and lots of panels. Oh no! What will I do now at Katsucon? Relax? Hardly, I am doing staff suite grunt work, so I have some gig. I have been offered an "alumni" badge for quite some time now, but I currently feel kind of bad riding on Katsucon's dime and not doing any volunteer work (but may take them up on it years from now). I feel sad this has ended, and I will miss my audience, but it's less work, and I can focus on other things. This golden ride had to end someday, and I am grateful for the time I had. I wish Nick (the new programming head) the very best in the hard work ahead.
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