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The 3-day weekend so far...

I am still happy I passed that exam. SRSLY. We had sushi afterward to celebrate.

Brickfair 2008Saturday I went out with lohquesse and moliarity to Brickfair 2008, and let me say that while I was sort of expecting a kind of small, 100-200 TCEP crowd, I was amazed not only that there were quite possibly a thousand or more people there, but some of the demonstrations of skill were AMAZING. Seriously, at $10/head, it was a bargain. In the back of my head were tons of whiners about "specialized pieces," which I always said, "A creative mind does not depend on the medium." Well, this Saturday I had PROOF, because so many builders used "specialized pieces" to do things with Lego bricks that were absolutely incredible and amazing. In fact, it occurred to me that many people who whine about "specialized pieces" never do anything with their "regular blocks," and so they can all suck it. I saw TALENT, and best of all, KID talent. The kind of kid talent you don't get by sending your child to gymnastic meets 4-5 times a week. The kind of talent that only the artistic mind could do. And they competed with adults. If you have a couple of minutes, and want to see raw talent in the art medium of Lego building blocks, check out my Flickr set.

Sunday I hung out with stodgycat, aksident, Rob, and later cyaneyed. Most of us played "The Order of the Stick." I got to meet a guy named Michael. Scarlet helped me pick out some Halloween treats for this year.
Tags: brickfair, heares, lego, lpi
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