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One of my musical friends...

... should get together with me, and we can collaborate on "iPhone Girl, I Think I Love You." It will be a hit. To hell with that Sarah Palin scandal, I have been following the trials and tribulations of this poor factory worker who was testing the cameras on the Chinese Foxconn assembly line in Shenzhen (which, I think is where my Chumby was made).

Such a face! Like an anime-lovers dream girl. Lots of people on the Internet are looking for her. People are obsessed to find this girl... I hope she's over 18 (you never know). I can just image this ballad...

I opened my iPhone, and what do I see
A pink striped girl looking at me.
Her face peers from an adorable cap,
Her smile is warm, and my mind takes a slap...

From Shenzhen she hails, next to Hong Kong
Her face drove me to write this song
It may not be special, it may be wrong
You'll be mine before... long...

Oooh... Chinese iPhone girl...
Oooh... You're across the world...
I'll travel the world
Just to find this girl
Her smile so nice
My heart skipped twice
iPhone Girl... I Think I Love You.

A Chinese factory is hardly a place
For such a pretty Asian face
You work 8 hours, every day
Taking pictures and sending them away...

I'll take the next plane out, and fly
My heart will lift me through the sky
I'll climb over mountain and search the land
Just so I can hold... your hand...


I'm not a pervert, I'm not a creep
But I think of you even when I sleep
You face greets me on my iPhone screen
I really hope you're over eighteen...

Someday, my love, I think we'll wed
Your lovely smile will wake me up in bed
Our children will play, and study Zen
And I'll tell all of my Apple friends...

Oooh... Chinese iPhone girl...
Oooh... Chinese iPhone girl...
[ends to sound of factory noise and Chinese speaking]
Tags: girl, iphone, song
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