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News - Why I started this Journal

See, at www.punkadyne.com, I was going to set up this Movable Type Blog, but then I read about their security holes, and what with that jerk Ted posting all kinds of nasties and so on, I got a little nervous because Silverdragon is hosted on my friend Brad's server, which is hosted on one of his friend's T1 lines. So if Silverdragon got hacked, then it was bad news for more than just me.

I also wanted a journal where I could post all my technical notes without putting my main blog readers to sleep. A lot of these notes are for personal use, but figure others could use them as well. Like when I learn a new command, or build some Gentoo box, or whatever tech stuff I am doing. I also wanted someplace to put odd quotes,links, and facts I collect, mainly technical, but other stuff will sneak in as well.

Also, I wanted an LJ account before someone stole my name and claimed to be me (that's happened before on an e-mail alias, although, only as a harmless prank), and hammered all my friends. Mean people suck, man. An LJ account also helps collate my friend's LJ blogs together, post LJ comments, and so on.

So, here I am. I updated the site with a lot of junk I had lying in clippings around the hard drive. More to come.
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