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TS Hanna - the aftermath and the DCRG

Well, that Hanna a whole lotta nothing.


I think the storm magically without any involvement from a bunch of supernatural forces I know about veered east. We got a ton of rain dumped on us, which is okay because we were getting kind of dry, but those kinds of rains aren't as good as a slow light stream over days because the ground doesn't have time to soak it in. The rain was preferable to the eastern side of the storm, which was all wind. I am getting tired of windy storms, because the power goes out and I lose bits of my roof.

But I am keeping my eye on Ike.

While TS Hanna was pissing all over us, takayla and I took aksident and Scarlet to see the DC Rollergirls take on H.A.R.D. Rollergirls from Harrisburg, PA. Denise (Triple-D-Lite) was there with her husband Drew, and we all hung out. Denise wasn't participating (except during the halftime contests), but she explained that this was their second inter-league event, and while the first one we got creamed like 30 to 130, this one we only lost 72 to 112. We're getting better.

One of the things I like about Roller derby is the positive female support that goes on. When I was a kid wand watched it on DC20, I kind of liked the image of girls beating the crap out of one another (mostly because I kind of wished my mother would stick up for herself, and I always hung around girls more anyway). But as an adult, I see things much differently. Some things I took away from this meet.

1. These girls are my age. I used to think they were all in their early 20s, but most are in their 30s or older. These are women who have life experience and still came out on top. I think "older" women should take that into account. It's not over. It begins as long as you say it does.

2. The competition is fierce, but ALL the girls support one another. There was this really moving moment where one of the HARD girls busted her knee (I think she pulled something, but she was is definitely in terrible pain). Once the refs realized she couldn't get up, they stopped everything, and asked for a moment of silence. The entire arena went dead quiet. You could hear a pin drop. All girls on *both* teams dropped to one knee in respect of a fallen sister and did not get up until she gave the thumbs up to continue. That moved me. That's the level of fire and rescue personnel or the Marines.

3. While I am sure there are those who attend these things to see tight asses and sexy legs of some of these women, Roller girls come in all body shapes. And each shape has has distinct advantage. If you are tall and skinny, you have maneuverability. If you are short and pudgy, you have inertia. Some girls made better "jammers" (the girls who score points) than others, but as a unit they work very well. Those scores were pretty high, and by the middle of the second round, both teams were wearing down. The DCRG really picked up on HARD's slack, and scored nearly 20 points in 5 minutes near the end. At the VERY end, one of our jammers pulled out at the very last second, extending the game until she called it off, adding 2 extra points. I think it was Camilla the Hun, I forget, but what a trooper! Camilla was the star for most of the evening, along with Mother Trucker for HARD. These are real sports professionals, not just hot girls on skates.
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