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Being out of BP meds suck

The medical establishment in this country sucks pretty hard.

I take blood pressure meds. I have had high blood pressure since I was a teenager due to stress, genetic disposition, and a heart problem. Because my heart doesn't circulate blood well, it tends to work harder that a normal heart to try and keep up. Thus, having "thick blood" is a real problem; like pushing honey through a straw. So I take a variety of blood thinners to try and keep me from having a stroke or a massive heart attack. While I am not a chemistry major, I have never heard of any of my meds being used to make bombs or raver drugs.

Yet I have to get a prescription for them. And this is a major hassle because you can't just go up to a pharmacist and say, "give me 60 count of 20 mg of Verapamil," or whatever. You have to get a doctor to give you permission, since he's the bloke who prescribed them. About a year ago, after several decades of various cocktails, my current doctor found a magic mixture of drugs that lowered my blood pressure to a more tolerable level (it's still pretty high) and didn't make me a zombie. This was a breakthrough. Yay for that.

Sadly, one of the pills has a "weird combination." This may be hard for you to get, but bear with me. Instead of taking that ONE pill a day, I have to take... TWO. Now, let that settle in. I know that concept is really fucking hard, because apparently pharmacists who went to college and everything can't figure this complicated arrangement out. That means for a 30 day supply, I need 60 pills. Because 2 x 30 = 60. I guess it makes sense to me because I am a computer expert, and didn't go to medical school to avoid math.

So once in a while, they give me 30 pills instead of 60, and when I am not paying attention, I run out in 15 days. Now, I did the math here, and found out that HALF of 30 is 15, but then again, I work with computers all day, and math comes easier to me because I am a nerd and didn't go to medical school because mom said it would get me a better spouse and sports cars and she could brag to her gossipy friends at the local market.

So again, I ran out. You'd think, "well, go get more!" because that's a logical step when you run out of a staple, to go and get more. But they won't LET me get more. Why? Because they said they filled it 15 days ago. In order to get more, I have to align the pharmacy, the doctor's office, and the insurance company like some complicated magical amulet to open up the gates of Ra or something.

- The pharmacy won't fill it until they hear from my doctor
- The doctor's office won't call them, despite numerous reminders to do so.
- The insurance company won't pay for the pills without the kind of proof Papal sainthood requires (prove a divine miracle, etc), but that's the least of my worries since my co-pay has gotten so high, it's like I'll have to pay $5 more than normal at this point. But this pharmacy has issues with the insurance company rejecting me.

That's where I stand. I haven't had my BP meds since Wednesday, and once the weekend came around, nobody was open.

So now I am suffering exhaustion, headaches, joint tension, sinus pressure, irritability (as if this blog post wasn't sarcastic enough), depression, and the fear of dropping dead unexpectedly, which may be overly dramatic, but that's part of the symptoms as well.

I am so pissed off.
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