punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Thisby is really getting friendly

You know of Thisby the Scared?

My "Siamese" (supposedly) that I got 8 years ago, who has spent probably most of her life under our bed, has started to finally relax a little.

One of her downfalls to her cowardice has always been she does have a curious side. Sometimes, she gets brave, ventures out from under the bed... to sniff a new object or something. Then she hears a noise, real or imagined, and runs like demons are after her living flesh. We also knew that she had seizures when she got too excited, poor depth perception, and didn't quite understand how the physical universe worked, like distance. She sometimes would jump at a bug on the ceiling while she was on the floor. She had no physical coordination, and so she'd jump up maybe 2-3 feet, and then fall down in a heap like a ragdoll. Then she'd run terrified like someone hit her. We have believed for a while that she has some kind of (literal) brain damage.

Her eyes, too, are extremely odd. I have always thought they might be related to what's wrong with her brain. They are not like normal cat eyes. First, they are surrounded by white, which gives her the expression of being spooked all the time. Second, her irises are mottled like clouds of an angry storm. I can never photograph them properly, but with my iPhone tonight, I got some good examples. Usually, a flash scares the shit out of her, and I'd never do it in her face. Click on these pictures to get a closer view.

She now tolerates me better, and so I can pet her and even pick her up for a few seconds at a time. Of course, she's not used to being social, and now has to learn how not to get sat upon, tripped over, and stuff the other cats learn before they stop being kittens. She's the only cat I can't clip her claws, so she has razor-sharp needles at the ends of her paws, so when she freaks out, she can really do some serious damage. I have been making her coordination better with a laser dot, which she will now come out to chase (she used to think it was after her, and would hiss and run away, crashing into something, and then freaking out because... well, she crashed into something).

But it took her 8 years!
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