punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Some more things I have noticed with my iPhone

The 2.1 software is coming tomorrow, and I thought I'd check in. I already downloaded iTunes 8, and so far don't have any new issues except I hate booting in Windows just for my phone. So far, also, VirtualBox doesn't work with the iPhone, so no love there.

Fairly minor annoyances:
- No voice feedback on the headphones when I am using them with the phone, which means I can't hear my own voice except through my cheekbones. This makes it likely I'll scream like an old deaf guy or overcompensate and talk like I'm in a back alley selling illegal organ transplants through the headphones
- 3G still sucks. Supposedly fixed in 2.1. We shall see. However, while Edge may be "slow" I am not downloading anything big. I'd like the maps to be faster, but that's a minor annoyance for me.
- Sometimes the Contacts lists and SMS has serious lag, but sometimes it doesn't. I am told this is a known issue.
- Whenever I use the phone to transmit anything, my USB mouse at work, a "Microsoft Comfort Optical 3000," winks off and on. Really. Like the Windows "Found Hardware Wizard" keeps kicking in or my mouse pointer stops working until I take the phone away from it. WTF?
- Gmail doesn't allow me to edit something in my outbox, yet I can delete it and not send it at all. I had this long letter, and somewhere it decided to "send it" prematurely despite me being in a subway tunnel, so it sat in my outbox, and I was unable to edit it. I ended up deleting the letter, since it wasn't important and ended abruptly at a confus--

Things I really like:
- Koi pond. 99 cents of pure bliss
- Maps is really nice. Seriously.
- I love the freedom of texting when bored
- The iPod feature is decent, and I like the lack of a click wheel. I wish there was a way to skip tracks from the outside of the phone, but hey.
- The camera is pretty damn good for a phone camera
- The viewscreen is bigger than the Nano I had. Thus, it's easier to see shows like Diggnation and TED Talks.
- The "hear phone while listening to iPod" feature was made just for my needs, it seems.
- The drag/spinny way you can scroll through lists is really intuitive
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