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  • 07:40 I wonder what's happening at the Pentagon? Metro has rerouted all bus service from there to Pentagon City. #
  • 08:10 Bus service to and from the Pentagon has been canceled until 1pm. I bet it's some 9/11 thing. Bugger. #
  • 08:19 Christine better not steal my new DC Rollergirls hoodie... Or I will steal her Aberzombie tee-shirt from New Orleans. I'm just sayin'. #
  • 11:58 is eating severely bitter apples #
  • 15:16 @apeyanne We accidentally got baking apples instead of those meant to eat raw, which are bitter for recipes that use sugar #
  • 17:11 Twitter is like a very slow chat room. IRC is like multi-player notepad. #
  • 17:11 @apeyanne keep fighting the good fight! #
  • 17:14 Metro train operators mumble too much. All I can make out are "train on platform", "single track" and "Rhode Island Avenue." Speak up!!!! #
  • 17:58 But Metro train operators who don't mumble have a sense of humor, I find. We need more of those kind. #
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