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More suckage

Well, I am feeling a lot better, and I still have half my antibiotics to go. I felt a tickle in my lungs a few times, and I got scared because last year, that developed into pneumonia. Double-lung, walking pneumonia. What a bitch that was to get over. About the same time, too, right before Katsucon. But I wish I could say that I felt better. I feel terrible, but not because I am ill.

Chritsine has many sisters. One of them is only in her late 40s, and her name is Brenda. Brenda is a spitfire take-no-damage kind of woman who charged through life's struggles like a warrior. She was sweet and nice unless you got on her bad side, then there was hell to pay. For the last ten years, though, her health has been pretty bad. She has a degenitive nerve illness of some kind, and in the last five years, it got so bad, she had partial paralysis and blindness. Sometimes, we'd call to see how she was, and she'd say, "Oh, great! I wasn't so good last month, when I was in the hospital for a few weeks, but now I can walk and still read text if it's big enough." She'd speak of near-death experiences like one would speak about stubbing a toe. "I'd forgotten about it, but yeah, I flipped my car over when my dog jumped out the window. But silly me, the dog's fine! Such a fuss."

But today, her husband Bernie called. Bernie is like the best husband ever. Calm, patient, and very loving. I idolize this guy, he's great with kids. Bernie called to say Brenda had been in the hospital for the last two weeks, and was very ill. She had some spinal and pancreas trouble, and while in the hospital to get those fixed, she caught pnemonia. Long story short: she's on 100% oxygen, and they are probably going to put her on a respirator.

That's how Christine and Brenda's mom died. Mom went in for knee surgery, caught pneumonia, got put on 100% oxygen, then the respirator... then they finally took her off and she died about 30 minutes later, surrounded by family. Mom was everything to us. She had no money, and she had a checkered past, but she raised Christine on her own. Her past sins were forgiven that day, as we watched the oxygen count go lower and lower... then it was over.

Needless to say, we're all freaking out.

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