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More Swedish news...

When I worked at Cargo Furniture, we paid some clown $75k or something to come up with a "mission statement." I always felt if the mission wasn't immediately apparent, there's a problem in the company. I felt it was simple, "We sell durable furniture and have great customer service." But the consultant they hired wrote up a long, run-on sentence, filled with buzzwords and vague allusions to nothing in particular, that was about a paragraph in length. It was even less interesting that a snippet from "Faust" and was so forgettable that I always pictured the guy in a cartoon running away from our corporate office with a sack of money and laughing hysterically. But it appears that this is not just an American corporate phenomena, as I read about my favorite country away from country, Sweden.

I always like Swedish news. It's like a whole country that consists of one small town mindset. Today The Local had an article about the various towns and municipalities having to come up with slogans about themselves. While some seemed to be confusing and not well thought out, others were more literal, and a few dared to be tongue in cheek about it. My favorite:

And no examination of Swedish town slogans is complete without mention of Trosa, which features the self-mocking motto, “Världens ände”, which in Swedish can mean both “the end of the world” or “the world’s rear end”, as ‘trosa’ in Swedish is also the singular form of the word for panties.


Uff da.
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