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So, this random memory wafted by my head, and won't leave. I assume this lesson is for me or one of my readers, perhaps both, and I won't know until I write it down. Doing the whims of the spirits, so to speak.

So, my Kindergarten teachers were Mrs. Wood, an older lady, and Mrs. Charlwood, a younger assistant teacher who had the same birth date as mine. Both were very kind people. The way Kindergarten worked back then was based on the fact they didn't think young kids could take a full school day, so we had AM and PM Kindergarten (they still do that here, do they do that where you are?). I went to the AM one.

We had small round tables assigned to us for various grouping purposes. Mine was furthest from the windows. Our claim to fame came during the winter months when our PE teacher, a guy named Mr. Hendron, had a "balloon blowing" game of some kind. They'd put a balloon over your table, and everyone at the table had to blow and blow to keep it in the air and over the table with a straw. Years later, I would reflect that this was a good way to keep the kids sedate: it made you dizzy as hell to keep blowing through a straw. Our table won over all the other tables, and we got a sticker that said, "Best Balloon Blowers: AM Kindergarten."

The bastards at the PM Kindergarten peeled it off. Or rather, tried to. They peeled most of it off, and our whole table was really upset about it. To this DAY this memory sticks in my head.

I kind of imagined that whomever sat at our table in PM Kindergarten did not win the balloon blowing game, and in anger and resentment, tried to peel off the sticker.

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