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LPI 102 Exam notes: EXAM TOMORROW

Man, I am so brain dead. First, I have a cold. I got sick from the hospital visit yesterday, which happens a lot when I visit hospitals. I get cold chills, then get some kind of virus or bacterial infection. So far, this hasn't been TOO bad, but it's annoying when I am trying to study.

I didn't make too many LJ notes this pass because I knew a lot of stuff already. I also didn't have as much time to study as I wanted. When I pass this, I will be a genuine Certified Level 1 Linux Professional by the Linux Professional Institute. Level 1 means I get Magic Missile and Tenser's Floating Disk. [snort]

I am nervous as hell... again. One last bit of "type to remember." I got too used to subnet calculators. I wrote this page years ago, recently updated it, but I forgot one vital piece of information: you are given an IP and subnet mask: how do you find out the network and broadcast address?

There's nothing special about this, it's done all the time. Let's take this example.

That's a class C address, as you would know because it's over 191 for the first octet. You know /29 is really:

Slash mask: 2526 2728 2930
Increment: 12864 3216 84
255.255.255...: .128.192 .224.240 .248.252

So we know the network is in increments of 8.

We know its #2 in this list because it's less than 16. So in this case we know the network is, the broadcast address is (one less than 16).
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