punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

LPI 102 - I passed!

I am now LPI Level 1 certified!

Hoo-ray! The test was really hard, though. Mostly fill-in-the-blanks, with a lot of esoteric questions. If it had been a bar fight, my victim would have looked worse than me, but not by much. I'd still have a split lip and walk away with a limp. I can't comment much on the exam for NDA reasons, but I still felt like I wasn't being tested on core knowledge as much as I was being tested on, "Suppose this happened?" I would say I was tested on stuff I didn't study for, and only pulled out of my ass from stuff I did back at AOL or as a hobby moment when I got stuck at something.

There was also some oddball scoring. Like I got a 33% on a set of 2 questions. I would think the only outcomes from 2 questions would be a 0%, 50%, or 100%. Maybe they mean in hex.

Anyway, I passed, and I am grateful my cold didn't make me too woozy. Next, I am on to my CompTIA Network+, then MCITP, which will be the really hard one. After that, I think I go back to LPI, but for Level 2.
Tags: linux, lpi
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