punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Wow... so true!

You know, I have tried to stay out of the political shenanigans on LJ, but this was too funny. As you know, I plan to throw away my vote on a very obscure 5th Jedi party candidate, but I still hate the GOP ever since Reagan (there, I said it, I hated the Bedtime for Bonzo as president). After being forced to watch most of "Camp Rock" and "High School Musical" at an unnamed person's house*, I felt this fake trailer REALLY hit the mark, down to the unwatchable dance numbers and the overuse of a record needle skipping to replace a spit-take.

* (I got even, I made them watch "Earth Girls are Easy," and next on my plate is "Big Trouble in Little China")
Tags: humor, jedi, palin, silly, video
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