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SSTC: day 4

Things have calmed down a little with the SSTC. I was kind of hoping it would, but I was pessimistic.

The walkways from the Metro Station to Wayne avenue has been widened. Before they had everyone on a sidewalk 2 squares wide, but they pushed the fence on one side back a little, and now we have 4 squares wide, which improves the first problem considerably. Now one homeless guy in a wheelchair won't completely block off all foot traffic.

The crossing guards are still there, but now with the police gone, they have completely slacked off and didn't seem to care about when anyone crossed as far as I could tell. I think they were only temporary anyway, and once things settle more, I bet we won't see them again.

There are still coke points where they put bus terminals across the sidewalks. Now, as a former (and possibly future) bus rider, I have to say terminals are pretty good to have when the weather sucks. There was many a time I used to wait for the bus on some muddy grassy slope in terrible weather that I had wished I had some kind of covering from the elements. But they have put these terminals in the middle of the sidewalks, so a 4-square wide path has been cut in half by a 2-square terminal. So you either have to go around one side of the terminal or the other. The law of passing would seem to suggest always chose the path on the right (at least in the US), but the problem is the path facing the street is clogged with people hanging around for the bus, leaving a 1-square wide path behind the terminals for both sides. In some places, they are flanked with bench-level concrete planters, and people just sit on those with their feet stretched out, reducing traffic even more.

On Dixon Avenue, ever since they put up the Discover Building, it's made Dixon a kind of wind tunnel. When I service the 1010 building, sometimes you can hear the wind whistle across the elevator shafts like blowing across the top of a bottle. Apparently, the bus terminals have made this worse by narrowing the wind flow a the choke points. I was passing by them, and was nearly blow over by a channeled squall that hit some poor woman in the face with a flap of cardboard.

But in the end, it looks like this will settle down more, and we'll all get used to it. We have 2 years.
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