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The excitement so far...

So, I didn't know I was going to the Rollergirls bout until about 1:50pm.

I wanted to go, but couldn't. Our friend Denise (Triple-D-Lite) was participating in a bout for the first time (she's been volunteering and training for the last year or so). But takayla had a Slumber Party to do, and I didn't have a way to get back from the DC Metro without paying $35 for a cab ride. But stodgycat and cheesy_reads said on Friday they MIGHT go, but it depended on some stuff they had to do, and said they would GLADLY take me if they were going. Which is what happened, so YAY and thanks, guys. :)

So, on the way there, we picked up our old friend Rob and used the Metro from Courthouse to get to the Stadium Armory. Part of me felt kind of wrong going without Scarlet, since she's my buddy for the DCRG, but this was adult's night out.

The bout was mega-exciting. I mean, there was crashing everywhere, and the penalty box seats never got cold. The Cherry Blossom Bombshells dominated the DC Demoncats, who normally are pretty tough team to beat.

The crowd was a little thin, which has been some concern for the DCRG. They are (believe it or not) a non-profit athletic group. This isn't like GLOW, and while the girls do realize and capitalize on some of the campiness, this is a work of love and nobody makes a single cent. They pay for their own uniforms, skates, transportation, and even pay monthly dues. Ticket sales pretty much go back to paying for the venues they perform in. These girls work HARD and put up with various injuries, conflicts with their personal lives, their real jobs, and so on. Recently, one of the teams on the league, The Secretaries of Hate, had to fold because they didn't have enough members to keep up. The remaining members went to the other teams, which is how Denise got into the CBB from TSoH. Scare Force One got some of the others. They are always trying to recruit, and always trying to get bigger crowds.

Afterwards, we hung out at The Argonaut, a strange little bar on H Street NE, which has a kind of pirate theme to it. It's in a... colorful... part of town. Not the place I'd want to wander around by myself. But NE has always been like that as far as I can remember. In fact, in 1968, the DC Riots devastated that area, and it's evident they still haven't recovered in 40 years. I mean, some of the buildings come right out of a 1968 newspaper photo, except the burned out windows are boarded up. Denise drove us back to the Metro stop in her little Honda Fit where we parked the car, and where Rob lived. Then I got a ride home with stodgycat and cheesy_reads.

All in all, I had a really great time for very little expense. And I got to meet some more of the girls, even if only for a brief moment.
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