punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Punkie rewrites your rant

Have you wanted to rant about something, but felt it was too mundane a story, or you're just not good at stories? Maybe you are really angry, but lack the ability to express your rage in a mixture of humor and angst that you feel my writing can accomplish.

Here's your chance.

1. Post your version of your story in the comments section. Explain why you think I need to rewrite it. The more descriptive the better, including side thoughts and the environment surrounding the incident. Links to public blog entries are fine.

2. Tell me if you want it vulgar, mildly suggestive, or avoiding vulgarty altogether. Vulgar will have violence, swearing, scatological references, and sexually inappropriate suggestions. Mildly suggestive will be less so, but possibly implicit. No vulgarity will avoid all swearing and sexual statements. No direct threats will be used.

3. I reserve the right to embellish the story to the point of mild inaccuracy, but I will keep my exaggerations within the confines of the essential plot. I will also post them publicly, so you may want to leave out real names or inciriminating events if you care about such things.

4. If I get a lot of stories, I may only do a handful of them. Don't be offended if you don't get picked.

This entry was based on the fact I am doing a lot of "wiating for an install" moments at work, plus the fact I did this on another board for someone else and it was cathartic. And I need the writing exercise.
Tags: rants, writing
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