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A really good article about how all this mess will affect the tech industry

Most of my friends on here are either in or closely related to the tech industry during this crisis. This was forwarded around at the office by a manager I really trust, and links like these are part of that.

In the short term, there's still going to be a fair amount of bloodshed, and the downside will impact companies outside of the financial sector, but for those in tech, the good news is that we're probably more isolated than other industries, though certainly not completely isolated. And, since everything is changing so rapidly, you never know what shoe might drop next.

However, in the long run, there is still money out there, and there are still opportunities. People will need to put that money to work one way or another, and rather than freaking out, now is a time to be looking for the opportunities created by this mess, and the tech industry is likely to have a lot of those opportunities. Remember that for every bubble bursting, something ends up getting devalued below its real value. The trick is just figuring out what it is before anyone else notices.

My company is doing fairly well, actually,. We just got two huge government contracts which I am not at liberty to discuss, obviously, but it was enough to reinvest in our core infrastructure before it became outdated, and guess who's on the top of that pile? That's why I am getting the certs, man, while the gettin's good... :D
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