punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

My wallet is having fun without me

So I opened my wallet to pay for breakfast, and I noticed there was confetti in it. This puzzled me at first, and I wondered where I had been that I would have small shiny plastic bits of confetti mixed with my loose change?

Did someone steal my wallet and then go to a party?

Was my wallet out and having fun without me?

Then I remembered: after the DCRG game, we went to The Argonaut in DC. The bar upstairs was dark, and I mean really dark. If I still had problems with my night vision, I would have completely in pitch black confusion. But there was enough light to see that when a table freed up, the former occupants were a bridal party. There was still some cake left, and I believe there was confettit all over the table. When I took out my money to pay, I suspect that some of that confetti got in my wallet.

Hah. I felt like Rip Taylor there for a minute.
Tags: confetti, dcrg, money, wallet
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