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Need work? Want tech? I got it.

This is kind of a heads up for my friends out there. Where I work there's been a few new huge contracts, and so they have approved space for some new hires. Basically, I work for a local ISP and data center in Silver Spring, Maryland, and we need a few positions filled. You must be able to pass a background check due to some of our clients. So if you, or someone you know, will be interested in these, please drop me a resume.

Shift Manager: This a job where you'd be in charge of NOC Techs. You'd work with the other shift manager, a really good guy. We need someone reliable and good with managing people. Experience needed in how basic networking and system troubleshooting also work (like, how to test if a T1 is down, how to follow up with vendors, and so on).

Data Center Technician: We need someone to assist all our departments in deployment of racks, physical networking, power distribution, and HVAC experience. Basically, a department would ask you to install something, and you'd do it while making sure the data center stays cool, clean, and presentable during tours. Very hands on. Requires moderate weekly travel around the DC Metro area, like Bethesda, Rockville, Silver Spring, Crystal City, and Ashburn.

Programmer: We need a programmer who is strong in Perl, PHP, and Apache web server. Must be good with Postgres and know basic stuff about MySQL, network connections, and the Linux command line, including the bash shell, permissions, and so on.

Tech Support: This is a great entry tech job. It's a shift position which requires REALLY STRONG customer service skills with at least a moderate tech background. I mean, we'll train you the tech stuff, but we need someone to handle work tickets, keep on top of issues (outages, new builds, etc), and generally be a very nice person in the face of stress. Meek, angry, or snobby people need not apply. I got three slots open for this due to recent promotions.

- Paid training
- Free pizza/subs on Fridays
- Right off the Silver Spring Metro
- One free colo/IP for your m4d sk1ll Internet boxen
- You get to work with my bad-ass self (I might also be interviewing you)

Interested? Send me your resume to punkwalrus at yahoo.
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