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What an oddball weekend

This weekend, I was in Catonsville, near Baltimore, visiting my friends aurienne and ironkite. I arrived Friday when ironkite picked me up, and we rode the scenic back roads of Maryland. His Navigational computer spoke Swedish for a bit, which was kind of confusing because I am not used to computer synthesized Swedish. Part of the problem was that it was reading the directions in English with Swedish pronunciation rules, so, "Main Road" would be pronounced "Ma-een Road-er" and so on. So he switched it to Aussie, which was better, but confusing.

"Roit mate. Ssee heah we gaw three myles teh the lift, pahst the boosh, then gaw walkabout till ye get to the dunny... moind the rivah..."

No. I made that up. But it was an Australian accent that one might hear in a news reel.

I hung out while aurienne made her costume out of nearly thin air. We also watched some pretty bad TV. The one that was hard to take was some version of the Superfriends called, Legends of the Superheroes, which was extremely awful. I mean, I wanted to mock it, but they had random laugh tracks (really, random as in not after jokes, just after certain lines) which made that difficult. I can't even convey the level of bad this TV show was. Beyond "Plan 9 from Outer Space" bad, it went into the realm one often finds plots made for coloring books you find at the dollar store. It was even worse than the Star Wars Christmas Special. It deserves no more attention in this blog.

We stayed up chatting late, and went to bed. I slept on a comfortable futon (really). I got up Saturday and helped them clean for their annual Superheroes Party. I also studied for my Network+ exam for a while, which gave me a headache.

The party was good, we had about 10 people, which is a comfortable level for their small duplex. The food was good, the company was good, and we were up until past 2am I think in a soft and comfortable company. Some of the guests were dressed in costumes; I was wearing my "Copyleft" shirt, which sort of looked like a hero logo, even with khaki pants. See some of the shots from my Flickr account.

Sunday morning, I was kind of groggy. ironkite and I drove from Catonsville to Sterling, Virginia, to visit the grand opening of NOAA's new weather center there. The kind of people who show up to these things are amusingly like the kind of people who I used to see at train museums as a kid. Nebbish parents, cub scouts, and some bored teens. *I* thought the place was cool, but then again, I am a total nerd.

We then went back to my house where ironkite helped repair the door to my den and cut some thicker brush by the side of my house. Now he, too, understand the rage of what I am starting to call "The Angry Thorn Tree." Like I have mentioned before, it looks like an acacia or a pyracantha but I am not a botanist. Grows like crazy, and the thorns are like rusty sewing needles. Horrid thing, but I admire its tenacity, and didn't wish to kill it even though I had to heavily prune it back because it was tearing apart my siding.

I am sooooooooooooooo grateful to ironkite, who pretty much did 100% of the work on the door, I just helped. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Before, my door was held in the frame by friction because CR has pretty much destroyed it in the years he had that room. Now I have a swinging door with hinges and a latching doorknob, and everything.
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