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  • 07:25 @grayhawk the word is... THE BIRD BIRD BIRD, BIRD IS THE WORD!!!! #
  • 07:28 Would you trust a "delicious low fat swordfish!!" combo meal from a greasy Afghani place for $7.99? #
  • 10:56 "What is this, the 1800s?" - Coworker when a boorish lawyer sent support angry mail in ALL CAPS about his Blackberry, signing it "Esquire" #
  • 12:02 Even with all the recent layoffs, the quality of job candidates in the IT field is surprisingly underwhelming. #
  • 14:26 "But do you know what never misses? A 1950 Buick filled with dynamite." - quote about a failed assassination attempt on JFK in 1960 #
  • 14:26 "Fromme was arrested on scene and quickly found guilty of batshittery in the third degree." - quote on Ford assassination attempt #
  • 14:27 There's your word for today, @grayhawk, "Batshittery." #
  • 16:08 Aw, yeah, candy! #
  • 18:53 Didn't I just do bills? #
  • 21:47 Never send a monster to do the work of an eeeevil scientist! #
  • 21:54 "I am NOT gay... but if I WAS gay, I would do SOMEthing about that WALL paper..." - Jay Sherman #
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