punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Heh, spoke too soon

I got sick.

Same symptoms that Anya, takayla, and a bunch of other people had. Sinus swollen and draining, scratchy throat... no fever yet, and I have been trying to take care of myself by drinking lots of fluids, chomping down Zicam and echinacea, and staying warm. CR got be some Gatorade and coffee, which helped, but I am alone here at home.

It didn't help that the power went off this morning. Luckily, it's not TOO cold outside. The power came back on and off a few times, and now has been on for about half an hour, so I think Dominion Power fixed whatever was wrong.

Then I kept getting paged by work. That sucked. Their VPN is down which normally means I'd have to go down to Silver Spring to fix whatever, but I have no way to leave the house, and besides, I am supposed to babysit tonight (unless the parents think I am too sick to be around their kids).

I hope I get better.
Tags: sick
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