punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

The weighty issue of snow

Well, the big melt has started. The snow on my roof started to melt, they formed huge icicles... and tore my whole gutter system down in the front. My gutter and bits of roof are hanging off to one side. I mean, luckily, we have house insurance, with a deductible, and this should be covered... but...

... is it unreasonable to ask for a period of not having to worry about anything? Is it? Jesus H. Christ. I hope the part of the roof that's torn off doesn't leak too much water back into the house. I have no ladder to get up there to put up a tarp. if the water damage gets too bad, I'll have to climb the roof from the deck in the back, and walk over the roof... man, that will so suck. Especially if I fall off the roof, which is entirely likely. Fat 300lb walruses like me don't do well on steep roofs.

Work was shut down yesterday, but it's open today. Can I go? No way. There is just no way. They did plow a small stripe of our street this morning, but not wide enough to back out of your driveway without getting jammed against a snow drift. You have to not only dig out your driveway (thank goodness I had the foresight of asking Christine to park back as close to the street as she legally could), but then you have to dig out the ice ramp that the snowplow leaves behind, and not just the width of the car, but a whole wedge wide enough for the car to back out at an angle to turn down the street.

Years ago, back at our house in Reston, I got a large bag of salt from a bulk store, and never used more then a handful of it. When I moved, I considered throwing it away, but I hate throwing stuff away I paid for. So I kept it, along with all the salt the former occupants left in the shed. I had enough salt to reconstruct a Biblical tribute to Lot's wife. For years. Totally unusable. I'll be using it now, buddy.

Oh, and to add to more crap? My friend Laurie is losing her battle to cancer. "Laurie is not winning her war as we had all hoped," as her friend Roe said. "Some little individual battles over the past few years were won - but the overall war is now overtaking her." We're not sure how long she has. Days? Weeks? Months? Dammit.

This year sucks.

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