punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I have been published again... sort of...

This time, in Dark Horse! In hard back, no less.

Actually, I have had several of my dream submissions published in Jesse Reklaw's new book, "The Night of your Life," published by Dark Horse Books. It's the second collection of his comics, as seen on the Internet, the City Paper, and so on. FOUR of my dreams made the final cut!

Jesse sent me a personally signed copy (and I sent him a copy of my book, The Punk Walrus Saga), and my stegosaurus dream* was the last page conclusion! Funny, that dream is one of my few "reoccurring dreams" I have had since childhood. When he signed the book, he drew a stegosaurus, and if you look elsewhere in the book, I have a tee-shirt with a stegosaurus on it (the soccer champ video game dream).

*No, sorry, not you stegosaur, but maybe someday! With sax and violins!
Tags: book, me, publish, slowwave
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